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Possible blue-green algae bloom in Current Lake

A blue-green algae bloom may be present in Current Lake, in Murray County, Minnesota.  Blue-green algae can produce toxins that can make people and animals sick.

Be alert!  Avoid water that:

  1. Is discolored or streaky
  2. Looks like spilled paint or pea soup
  3. Has floating scum, globs, or mats
  4. Has small green dots floating in it
  • Do not swallow lake water or touch foam, scum, or algal mats
  • Do not let pets swim in scummy water or lick algae off their fur
  • Rinse fish with fresh, clean water and throw away guts before cooking and eating
  • Do no swim in areas where you cannot see your feet in knee-deep water

Murray County is recommending that everyone (especially children and pets) stay out of Current Lake until conditions clear up.

blue green warning

When in doubt, stay out!