Mason Township Bridge 51531 – Placing Beamsbridge

M & K Bridge Construction of Walnut Grove is constructing a bridge for Mason Township north of Slayton. The design of the bridge includes placing four precast concrete beams. The beams are 124′ long and 5′ high and they weight about 49 tons each.

To get the beams to the project they had to widen the township road at Highway 59. The traffic on Hwy 59 was stopped for about 10 minutes for each of the four trucks as they backed around the intersection.

Here is a video of the beams being delivered.

Here is a video of the placement of the beams.

The contractor placed the concrete for the deck on Oct. 19th. They used 191 cu yds of concrete, it was done in about 5 hours. The concrete was placed on the bridge with the use of a conveyor system.

Here is a video of the placement of the concrete on the deck.