Community Groups

Murray County Community Groups

4-H Clubs (call the Minnesota Extension office for more detail at 507-836-6927)

o Badger Lake 4-H Club: Contact Dennis, Chris or Janet Opdahl, 507-836-8661; 507-227-3107
o Bondin Belfast 4-H Club: Contact Brenda Wehking 507-425-3360 or Monica Kirchner 507-468-2719
o Cameron 4-H Club: Contact Cheryl Heard 507-227-3633 or Sonja Beek 507-227-4052
o Chandler Hilltoppers 4-H Club: Bethany Rylaarsdam 507-227-1532 or Carolyn Prins 507-920-6734
o Currie Poco-a-Poco 4-H Club: Contact Linnea Surprenant 507-629-4745
o Fenton Friends 4-H Club: Contact Aaron Kluis 507-443-5043 or Judy Busman 507-443-5003
o Lakers 4-H Club: Contact Carol Wixon 507-227-9281 or Sara Davis 507-530-3533
o Murray County 4-H Horse Club: Contact Stacy Posthuma, 507-879-3102
o Prairie Hustlers 4-H Club: Sarah Dalgren 507-763-3161 or Teresa Hamman 507-836-8576
o Slayton Shooting Star 4-H Club: Mike & Naomi Samuelson 507-763-3110

American Legion, VFW and Auxiliary Posts (contact the Veterans Service Office with any additional questions.)  Click HERE for a printable copy of the list of Local Posts.

  • Avoca American Legion: Contact Gary Fiedler, 227-4918
  • Avoca Auxiliary:  Contact Netty Fiedler 507-760-0675
  • Currie American Legion: Contact Rich Luft, 507-763-3831
  • Currie Auxiliary: Contact Toni Galvin, 507-222-5220
  • Currie Sons of the American Legion:  Jim Sweetman, 507-629-3259
  • Chandler American Legion:  Contact LeRoy Buys, 507-677-2361
  • Chandler Auxiliary: Contact Patsy Buys 507-677-2361
  • Dovray American Legion: Contact Paul Vosberg 274-5504
  • Dovray Auxiliary Contact:  Janice Jenkins, 507-360-5651
  • Iona VFW Post:  Contact Todd Thraen
  • Iona Auxiliary: Contact Mary Ann Boock, 507-836-8300
  • Fulda American Legion: Contact Steve Magnus, 507-425-3305
  • Fulda Auxiliary: Contact Barb Kruger 507-725-2162 or 612-710-1310
  • Lake Wilson American Legion: Contact Andrew Edmunson 507-879-3227
  • Lake Wilson Auxiliary: Contact Cindy Reese 777-4116
  • Slayton American Legion: Contact Brad Pagel, 605-366-3025
  • Slayton Auxiliary: Contact Sharon McClure, 763-3844
  • Slayton Sons of the American Legion:  Contact Brad Pagel, 605-366-3025

Ambulance (call 911 for emergencies)

o Fulda:  Roger Zins, 507-360-0344
o Murray County Ambulance:  Jennifer Kirchner, 507-836-8780

Beaver Creek Archers – Slayton: Email

Boy Scouts

o Slayton: Contact Kevin Aanenson 507-227-1116

Community Education

o Fulda: Contact Jessica Mitchell, 507-425-3562
o Slayton: Contact Amy Woldt, 507-836-8360 ext. 4100

Currie Town and Country Booster Club: Ed Sweetman or Donna Kor 507-760-0304

Caregivers Support Group for Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Contact Kim Olafson 836-1244

Drift Breakers Snowmobile Club: Contact Pres. Randy Martin, 507-763-3171

End-O-Line Railroad Park and Museum: Contact Jakob Etrheim 507-763-3708

Friends of the Casey Jones Trail: Contact Amy Rucker, 507-836-6023 

Friends of the Fulda Memorial Library: Contact 507-425-3277

Friends of Lake Shetek State Park: Contact Roseann Schauer, 507-763-3256

Friends of the Slayton Public Library: Contact Mary Perry, 507-836-6307 Follow on Facebook

Fire Departments (call 911 for emergencies)

o Chandler: Chief – Dan Gunnink, 507-677-2571
o Currie: Chief – Jeff Zens, 507-763-3465
o Dovray: Chief – Kirby Cohrs, 507-274-5420, cell 507-227-6529
o Fulda: Chief – Dave Baumhoefner 507-425-2559
o Iona: Chief – Ryan Fitzgerald 507-264-3805
o Lake Wilson: Chief- Jamie Johnson 507-227-1466
o Slayton: Chief – Shawn Nelson 507-836-6651

Fulda Area Big Band: Contact Mike Peterson, 507-425-2342

Fulda Public Library: Contact Beth Cuperus, 507-425-3277

Fulda Area Community Club: Contact Mary Magnus, 507-425-3242 Follow on Facebook

Fulda Wood Duck Festival:  Contact Dan Uttech, 507-425-2260

Fulda Community Choir: Contact Ron Janssen, 507-425-2825

Fulda Heritage Society: Contact Virginia Anderson, 507-425-2583

Girl Scouts:

o Fulda: Brittney Kremer 507-227-4082

Junior Achievement of Murray County – Contact Lisa Onken 507-836-1614

Kiwanis: Tom Pryor 507-836-8162 or Cal Wurpts

Knights of Columbus – Slayton: Contact Travis Smith 507-393-9699

Lake Wilson Community Club: Cheryl Heard, 507-227-3633 Follow on Facebook

Lake Wilson Rod and Gun Club: Contact Dave Johnson 507-879-3178

Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors: Contact Jackie Esping 507-829-3022 or Randy Martin 507-763-3171

Lions Clubs

o Fulda: Contact Dan Uttech, 507-425-2260
o Hadley: Contact Rick Like or Mark Schleisman
o Lake Wilson: Contact Dave Johnson, 507-879-3178

Masonic Lodge – Murray Lodge (Slayton): Contact Tim Lange, 507-476-1678

Minnesota Food Help Line: 888-711-1151

Monday Study Club – Slayton: Contact Marlys Knuth, 507-836-8758

Murray County Amateur Radio Club: Contact Arl Weinerbe, 507-836-1289

Murray County American Dairy Association: Contact Dave Schwartz, 507-836-8304

Murray County Cattleman’s Association: Contact Ryan Verlinde, 507-829-4747

Murray County Corn & Soybean Growers Association: Contact Aaron Kluis, 507-227-7212

Murray County Draft Horse Organization: Contact Joe Biren, 507-227-7845 

Murray County Early Childhood Initiative (ECI): Contact Marie Paulzine

Murray County Fair: Kim Konkol, 507-836-6303

Murray County Historical Society: Contact Janet Timmerman, 507-836-6533 

Murray County Master Gardeners: Contact Dave Bau, 507-836-6124

Murray County Medical Center Auxiliary: Contact Kim Olafson, 507-836-1244

Murray County Medical Center Foundation: Contact Andrew Fuoss, 507-836-8587

Murray County Pork Producers: Contact Jeff Boerboom, 507-227-4951

Murray County Veterans Memorial: Contact Bob Gass, 763-3446

Piecemakers Quilting Club – Slayton: Contact Margaret Kluis, 507-836-8217

Prairie Music Association: Contact Sandy Stokesbary, 507-836-8395

Senior Citizens Centers

o Currie: Contact Lynette Deslauriers 507-763-3166
o Fulda: 507-425-2484
o Lake Wilson: Contact Betty Courtney, 879-3582
o Slayton: Contact Josh Malchow, 507-836-8534
o ACE contact: Joyce Wiekeraad 507-836-8705 WEBSITE:
o Senior LinkAge Line Contact 1-800-333-2433 or

Senior Dining

o Fulda: Contact Margaret Popp 507-425-2484
o Slayton: Contact Melanie Postma, 507-836-8422

Shetek Area Sportsman Association: Contact Steve Illg, 507-227-5232

Slayton Area Chamber of Commerce: Contact Pete Beerman, 507-836-6902

Slayton Community Band: Contact Lorie Kruse, 507-836-8326

Slayton Public Library Book Club: Contact Lori Stainer, 507-836-8778

Swimming Pools

o Slayton: (Summer Only): 507-836-6330
o Fulda: (All Year Round): 507-425-2427 

Wheels of the Past (car club): Contact Trish Dysthe 507-836-6280

Women of TodayContact Lisa Graphenteen 507-836-6706 Follow on Facebook

If your community organization would like to be listed, or if you have any additions or corrections to this list, please contact the Community Relations Coordinator at 507-836-1147 or