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Passport Information

Passport Hours are: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday


Children Under 16: Both parents and child must be present.  Parents must have a valid driver’s license.

First Time Applicants

To obtain a United States Passport Book or Passport Card you will need to present the following:

  1. Completed passport application form - obtain this form from the Murray County Recorder’s Office or the Passport Agency’s website: travel.state.gov
  2. A Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (This can be obtained at the Murray County Auditor-Treasurer’s office if you were born in the state of MN. Your hospital certificate is not certified.) This must be sent in with your passport application but will be returned to you separately.
  3. Valid Driver’s License or Minnesota ID for identification.
  4. Passport photo that meets the requirements stated on the application. We take photos for $15. You can have passport photos taken elsewhere.
  5. Passport Fees vary depending on the form you need to complete.

You will need a separate check or money order for each passport application payable to U.S. Department of State.  Cash or debit/credit card cannot be accepted for these fees. 

The execution and photo fees can be paid with cash or check to the Murray County Recorder.

Passport Renewal

If you have been previously issued a passport, you may qualify for the renewal process. Applicants who have been issued a passport age 15 and younger do not qualify for a renewal.

The renewal application form is available at the Murray County Recorder’s Office or the Passport Agency’s website: www.travel.state.gov

Applying for a Child’s Passport