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Lime Lake

Lime Lake Township Board

Meeting Date: 2nd Tuesday
Meeting Time: 8:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: Township Hall

Lime Lake Township History

T106N R40W
Organized October 21, 1873

Lime Lake Township is located in the east, third tier of Murray County. Des Moines River Township borders on the east, Bondin on the south, Slayton of the west, and Murray on the north. This township has a gently rolling prairie, with soil well adapted to farming. Timber was very scarce except for a strip around Lizzard Lake, later called Lake St. Rose, and now known as Avoca Lake.

The settlers had to get their mail at Heron Lake, the nearest railroad station, prior to the establishment of the Lime Lake post office. Bishop Ireland, of the Irish American Colonization, investigated the Lime Lake area, and, by mid-April of 1878 a decision was made to lay out a town in the township and move Catholic colonists to this area.

The town of Avoca is located in Lime Lake Township.