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Moulton Township Board

Meeting Date: 2nd Monday
Meeting Time: 8:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: Home of the Clerk

Moulton Township History

T105N R43W
Organized November 18, 1879

Moulton Township is located in the southwestern corner of Murray County.  Nobles County and Rock County border on the south, Pipestone County borders on the west, Chanarambie Township on the north, and Fenton Township on the east.  The township was named in honor of Justin P. Moulton, who was receiver of the United States Land Office in Worthington, Minnesota.

The Southern Minnesota Railroad line had all ready crossed Moulton Township by the time it was organized.

West of Chandler is the “bois cache,” known as “Lost Timber.” Early fur traders were here in 1820.  The first map of this section, which was made by a man named Keating in 1822, mentions “Coteau Des Prairies” and the “Hidden Woods.”

A local legend has it that Jesse James and his brother Frank, fleeing from the ill fated raid on a bank in Northfield Minnesota, on September 7, 1876, escaped the posse and fled westward, changing horses or rather taking them from farmers, as they came west.  They are alleged to have stayed several days at Lost Timber, resting up before going to their home in Missouri.

The town of Chandler is located in Moulton Township.