In order to protect the safety of the public, the township board and city council members, as well as the employees of the county assessor’s office, the 2020 Local Boards of Appeal and Equalization will be held in a different format this year. We will not be having a physical meeting at a town hall, township clerk’s home, or city council chambers. All meetings will be held over the telephone as a Virtual Meeting.

You can appeal your 2020 value/classification by calling the County Assessor’s office at 507-836-1104 prior to the day of the local board meeting or send a letter prior to the meeting. You can also contact one of your town board members or a city council member with your concerns. Your concerns will be addressed at the local board of equalization. If you wish to verbally participate in the meeting,

Virtual Meeting Phone Number is:
1-617-944-8543 or
Toll Free 1-844-890-7777
Access Code for Toll Free Number is 814511036

Please note: You must appear (by phone, mail, or thru other representation) at the local board meeting in order to appear at the County Board of Equalization in June.



For any other questions, please contact the County Assessor’s Office at 507-836-1104.