Parcel and Residential Directory

Click on the image of the two directories listed below.   They are interactive maps with links and indexes to use for easy searching along with quick links within each page. It is best used by viewing it in ADOBE READER which is a free software which you can download by clicking HERE.

             2020 Rural Parcel Directory

Both of the directories listed above can be printed, but they are best viewed on a large computer screen due to detail on the map. If printing, it may be hard to read unless it is printed on 11 x 17 paper. You can print specific pages or the whole directory.

GeoMoose – GIS Digital Map

The GeoMoose GIS map is a digital satellite type map that is used to highlight roads, ditches, hydrology and boundary lines.   If your screen fails to load check your compatibility mode.

GIS Map GeoMoose

Commissioner District Map

Click HERE for a copy of a map of the Commissioner Districts

Murray County Road Map

Aeration Maps

The following lakes in Murray County are aerated.   The map indicated the approximate location on the lake where the aerators are in operation and are marked with THIN ICE signs.

1898 Map of Murray County

Other Useful Maps